Monday 17 October 2011

A bit of progress, and some cheaphammering

I've returned from exotic climes (or, if I'm being accurate, an unattractive convention centre in Frankfurt) and I had a day off work which allowed me to spend some time on painting the War Altar.  
What I've done so far is base coat the carriage itself, put together a lectern (which you might be able to tell from the photo contains various weapons for the Arch Lector to use if prayer doesn't get the job done) and assembled a stoker model (many thanks to Lee for the parts, more on that later). 

After some thought, I decided to use a very muted colour scheme for the War Altar itself. The hope is that this will stop the whole model from being too busy, and the Arch Lector will stand out more than if everything was very colourful. We'll see how well that pans out.

I've also put together a base for the War Altar - this was actually two bases that I glued together to make them long enough, and to make the join a bit stronger I added some planks. To make this make sense, I added more on top of that, so that it should look like an improvised duckboard road, hurriedly laid down to allow the War Altar to make it to the battlefield.

Now, onto some cheaphammering, to use the verb Kieron accidentally coined. When Lee gave me the bits to build the stoker, he also gave me some spare parts. When combined with some bits I already had, this was enough to put together...

A couple of pistoliers:

Some crew for my new helblaster volley gun:

The helblaster is made leftover steam tank parts and the gun body that was on the same sprue as the helstorm rocket battery. This gives me two helblasters, which Kieron is thrilled about.

I also finally put together the little rack of rockets that came with the rocket battery:

And, because I'm starting to think they might be a useful addition, I've undercoated some crossbowmen from the old Battle Masters game that I've had in my bits box for something like 18 years!

Finally, I've made some bases for the baggage I bought for Saga. These have to be individually based for the scenario they're needed for, but I've cunningly organised them so that they can be put together to form a barricade, so they can be used in other scenarios as well.


  1. I think i'm glad i've never managed to play you. Lumbering forward into all that fire would not be fun! Screens of chaos hounds ahoy methinks!

    Great conversion and you're right about keeping it muted so the character stands out. How about adding some purity seals to add a little colour but they won't be over the top?

  2. I have a few seals lying around. I'll see how it looks when everything's put together.

  3. I have a spare volley gun lying around... got anything for swaps?