Monday 7 November 2011

A load of baggage

Following the Roman baggage train a couple of months ago, I'm back on the baggage again - this time for the Anglo-danes.

I needed to make 3 pieces of baggage for Saga, which I dutifully put together and painted. This was before I realised that I had another model that was much more interesting, I'd already painted it, and just needed to stick it on a base to make a baggage piece - so that's been based up as well to give me 4 baggage pieces. Which I don't actually need, but hey ho.

Slightly more baggage than is needed, but it all looks fairly nice.
As a side note on the baggage - the piece on the back left is a stack of bales of cloth. I've painted those in fairly drab colours because I don't want the baggage to stand out too much, and also because I couldn't work out whether or not cloth would have been dyed before it was baled up or not at the time. Bit of a shame really because if I'd been more confident about it I would have followed the range of colours for dark age cloth that were being shown on the Saga forums a while back.

Yep, they're out of focus, but you've seen them before anyway, so shush.
I've also finished the repairs to my Anglo-danes, meaning I'm now ready to lose at the WFC Saga tournament at the weekend!

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