Monday 5 December 2011

Rounding out the gang

It might be the festive season, but I'm still focused on Flashbang the whole time... I should probably finish getting presents for people at some point, but for now here's an update on the important stuff!

I did some more Flashbang tweaking. I've started the rules for Special Forces and OPFOR, and also tweaked the rules for SWAT and Armed Criminals. This is because the first playtest of the second version of the rules will be on Thursday at WFC against Paul, and those are the groups we'll be using.

Then last night it hit me that the tweaks meant I needed more criminals! So, to get them up to strength, I've quickly painted 4 hillbilly types, and a nice model from Hasslefree that is clearly "not" Shaun from Shaun of the Dead...

I also finished off the 4 hostages so that we'll have them available as objectives.

The four hillbillies will need highlighting, but they're ok to use on Thursday. "Not" Shaun is pretty much done; he's a really nice model with a great dynamic pose - I did a quick image search to get the right colours from the film to pain him up with. He'll fit right in once I get the zombies ready...

Watch this space for an update after the playtesting!

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