Tuesday 31 January 2012

Stumbled Across the Line

That's the end of January then! I honestly can't say that I've done as well as I would have liked, but I didn't get a lot of time to do painting this month (excuses excuses).

I did manage to complete my target - the two buildings are painted! Unfortunately I can't be bothered to get them out of the box and photograph them tonight, so I'm hoping to get photos of them from a game I'm playing on Thursday night. That'll be quite good, it's the first time they'll appear in a game. There's still work to do on them, but for the VBCW game we're playing on Thursday I don't think there'll be much going on inside them and I'll get away with it.

To keep up with my resolutions for the year, I need to do an extra to go with the target of the buildings. The problem has been that I've fallen prey to the wargamer's constant enemy, a lack of focus. I started painting an extra warlord for my Anglo Danes...

Then, before I finished painting that, I put together my new Norman Knights...

Before getting sidetracked once more by my Very British Civil War force, the Handsworth Volunteers.

The end result is that none of the extras were finished, but at least I didn't feel like I was breaking my own rules by working on them. Working on some "wildcards" each month is still a good idea, I think, but maybe the original target wasn't enough, or maybe since I've not played any Flashbang this month I didn't know what I wanted to do.

Anyway, it's another month gone, so I need another target. Looking to the wildcards seems the obvious thing to do, so...

My targets for February are to finish off the Handsworth Volunteers in the photo above, and to paint the first unit for my Normans. Again, I'll be aiming to do a wildcard as well.

I need to get cracking with the Normans as there's a campaign starting at the club in March, and I'll need 4 points for the start. I can, if need be, use units from my Anglo Danes to fill the gaps, but it means giving up the tactical advantage of the Norman cavalry, so getting those painted helps my chances of doing well!


  1. I like the flags.

    It appears that there has been an outbreak of hand-raising in Handsworth. Your numbers have increased...

  2. I'll say a bit more about the flags in the next post - if I come across the right stuff in York at the weekend, they might get a bit more relevant...

  3. Glas to see the horses came in useful... certainly does make a formidable looking unit.