Saturday 1 September 2012

Mobile Phones Don't Have Very Good Cameras

The month has ended, and I've painted something. 3 Shermans, in fact:

Apologies for the not so great photo - the good camera is now packed in the "The Baby's Coming, We've Got To Get To The Hospital" bag, so I used my iPhone to take this.

Anyway. These still need transfers adding, but given that I have a big pile of tanks to paint I've decided to do all of the transfers together at the end. I particularly like the baseball bat on the the turret of the lead tank, nice bit of character for a US tank I thought!

As I hinted at oh so subtly above, Mrs Matt is due to give birth this month, which is likely to have something of an impact on my ability to paint stuff. Since I've started them already, I'm just going to aim to paint 5 Stuarts, which would probably make my US Tank Company big enough to use in some games (although until I do the armored rifles I think it will struggle a bit with no infantry support at all).

1 comment:

  1. I would say that they looked good, but they actually looked terrifying as they machine-gunned the shit out of my poor Pioneers.

    Thank god we're on the same team in this campaign.