Monday 6 May 2013

Some Painting Progress at Last

Crikey, are you lot still here? I haven't posted for months! Did I lock the door on my way out? Sorry about that. I notice a couple of empty chairs towards the back... you haven't turned to cannibalism in my absence have you? Ah, well, can't be helped.

Yes, anyone who has been paying attention will have noticed that I have been staggeringly lax since February and haven't, in fact, posted anything at all.

Still, I haven't been completely idle! I have in fact been painting a few things - mainly from the haul I mentioned in my last post. (See what I did there? I've cunningly made it seem as if this post is a follow on from the last one, and so the yawning chasm of time between the two of them is less apparent.)

So, let's have a look at what I've done...

A building! It's smaller than the ones I already have. Which is nice.

Steps! I can finally use the 1st floor door on the residential building.

Walls, from 4ground! I think these should work for Napoleonics onwards.

Shelves! I've tried to make these look like they're full of cardboard boxes.

Soft furnishings!

More soft furnishings! Beds from Antoneciti's Workshop. They're about twice as long as would make sense for the scale, really...

Skips! These are a work in progress - they look a bit too clean at the moment.

As you can see there's a fair amount of urban terrain. I have a couple more bits of that in progress but I'll save them until they're more presentable.

I've also managed to play a couple of games of Impetus lately (I really like this game and don't play it often enough) and was shown the newer army list for Punic Wars Romans. This inspired me to paint a few cavalry, which will need basing up at some point...

I will need to decide how many I'm putting on each base first.

Finally, in "things I'll just gloss over quickly" news, unfortunately the rug has been pulled from under my feet a little as WFC, the club I've been gaming at for the last couple of years, has undergone a radical reorganisation over the last week or so and I won't be able to rely on it for my games any more. However! I've banded together with a couple of like-minded individuals, and we're intending to keep up regular games at home and try to get as many of our friends involved as we can. Hopefully this will allow us to be a bit more flexible, so I'll try to keep you informed of our roaring successes through this very blog. So, you know, look out for that!


  1. It's all looking marvellous. I suspect we have enough buildings between us for something approaching an urban board! I might have to tempt you into a game with my Batman stuff...

    Also, keep posting pictures of your Impetus army. It serves as temptation for me to buy an army for myself.

  2. I'll second the impetus thing! How hard can it be to paint 15mm infantry....

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  4. Great looking pictures and ideas!!