Saturday 6 July 2013

I am still here!

I realise there hasn't been much going on here of late. Sorry about that! Unusually, it isn't so much that I just haven't been blogging, but more that I haven't had a lot to talk about. Recently, the weather has been nice and I've been toiling in the garden rather than picking up a paintbrush. This would be more impressive if the garden didn't still look like a demonstration of what the world will look like ten years after humanity has been wiped out, but never mind.

Eventually, the pressure built up too much, and I eventually did something. And here it is!

Actual models being painted!

It's a cavalry unit for Impetus! As you can see, I'm at the basing stage. This photo was taken while the filler was still drying, so I need to add some sand and gravel and then paint it. Also, because I've left the models so long before basing them, I need to touch up some areas that have got chipped while I've kept moving them out of the way and saying "I must base those" to myself.

Finally, here's an action shot for you:

Those four skirmishers are in some trouble now...

That's a block of my Romans in the process of coming down a hill to massacre Pete's Carthaginians last night. To be fair, Pete has played Impetus twice, and is still learning how it all works. It was a win though!


  1. One of the horsemen at the back seems to have lost interest and is wandering off!

  2. Great work. Looking forward to getting to know your work more.

  3. Great painted figures! Love how you did the horses!