Saturday 19 October 2013

Zomtober! Post Three - To Infect and Sever

It's that time again, so here are the results of my painting efforts in week 3 of Zomtober...

First up, a zombified police officer:
Missing part of one sleeve as it's been torn off, definitely not because it's hard to get matching sleeves from the WF zombie sprues.
Notice he's still got his gun, so might attract some attention from zombie hunters keen to build up their arsenals! 

Then another sports fan to go with last week's Lakers supporter:

Don't know what team that's actually supposed to be though.
A couple of unfortunate office workers:

Where are they all finding these feet?

More casual dress code in this guy's office - no tie!
A very casually dressed zombie:
Nasty tear in that vest there.

And finally, someone who really didn't choose the right place to go on holiday.

I actually own a shirt not too dissimilar to this.
And here's a group shot of the horde so far:

Everybody say "brains"!
As you can see, I've finally started to base these models properly - the big bevelled bases don't work with the crowded urban boards I want to use these on, so they're going to go on much smaller bases now which I will be trying to get finished for the end of Zomtober.

I have to say that Zomtober is really working out for me - having some deadlines and specific models to post about has spurred me along in my painting quite nicely, and each time I post I've had more models to talk about. I'm already pondering what to do in November! Not only that, I've also started following some new blogs that I wasn't aware of until the month started, so that's a bonus, and I've introduced Kieron to We're Alive. It's all good!


  1. Nice additions to the horde, The cop is my fave from this bunch.

  2. Fabulous additions, love the work on the Hawaiian shirt.

  3. Great stuff there chap and I too love the Hawaiian shirt zombie

  4. Some excellent variety and great additions to the ranks of walkers. :)

  5. You're picking up pace nicely. We'll be pushing 50 zombies between us by the end of the month.