Thursday 8 May 2014

Triumphant Return to Posting

Yes, my adoring public, that's right - I have returned from the wilderness, ready to brighten your day with my well-informed, exquisitely-crafted, low-fat, easy-clean blog postings! Please form an orderly queue to shower me with praise, adulation, and crisp, large denomination banknotes.


Fine, be like that then. 

I'm back, anyway. This blog post has been awaiting my attention for some time, and it still won't really be complete by the time I post it. Hopefully your expectations have now been sufficiently lowered for me to crack on.

The delay in posting is largely explained by the arrival of this character:

I'm asleep!
That's Nathan, and he turned up in March. Working in concert with his big sister, he's done a pretty good job of either removing all my free time or leaving me too tired to do much with it (or in a few cases, both). Having two children under two in the house makes things... interesting. Still, in a couple of months I'm sure he'll be able to give me a game of Flames of War or something, so it's all good.

Before the number of young children in the house doubled, I managed to paint up my first fireteam for Force on Force - some Chinese PLA.

Poor camerawork here makes it look like they're all avoiding eye contact
I've got a lot more of these to do, but for the moment my painting time has become focused on my Partisans for Bolt Action... which I don't have any pictures of yet. Something to look forward to for my next post I suppose.

I've actually been able to keep up with more gaming than I thought I would - mostly in board games. The two most popular in our group recently have been Lords of Waterdeep and Axis and Allies 1941. I've been able to win at both, so we won't mention anything about the times I didn't win.

I've also managed to arrange to sneak out next weekend to Triples, and for once don't have any concrete ideas for what I might acquire while I'm there! So that's likely to be interesting - watch this space for details of whatever wildly ambitious project I decide to embark on as a result!

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  1. I suppose I've got to post as well now.

    Don't worry about Triples. I have plans for your money...