Wednesday 10 September 2014

A little bit of progress...

This is a quick update as I'm heading to Amsterdam for work tomorrow so I'm unlikely to post anything else this weekend.

I'm still working on my second Chinese PLA (since I was asked the other day, that's People's Liberation Army) fireteam.

Getting there, slowly...
I figured out that there are 14 stages to these:
  1. Cleaning up and sticking to bases
  2. Undercoat
  3. Basecoat in light blue/grey
  4. Camo pattern in green
  5. Dark flesh tone
  6. Medium flesh tone
  7. Light flesh tone
  8. Camo pattern in green/brown
  9. Build up the base with sand (I'm aiming for tarmac bases)
  10. Paint the base, boots and gun black
  11. Camo pattern and highlights on base, boots and gun in dark grey
  12. Final highlights on gun in light grey
  13. Ink wash
  14. Light drybrush on camo to make it slightly faded.
I've just done step 8 with these, so they're just over half done, although most of the later stages are quite quick. It's the camo that takes the time, so with only one stage of that left (and it's the smallest bits of pattern) these should be fairly quick from here. I hope.

Time will tell, but I'd love to get these and another fireteam done this month - might be a stretch...

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  1. Nice progress on the challenge. I know what you mean about feeling ready to take pictures for a post. I have a 'great' idea and then it withers on the vine.