Wednesday 3 September 2014

Spotter Spotted!

This is a quick update about a quick bit of painting! As part of the Challenge, I'm planning to clear some of the half-painted bits and pieces off my desk. These are normally things that I started painting and then lost interest in (because something else was shinier), and sometimes it can be a struggle to get back to them.

The first of these is a partisan spotter for my Bolt Action force.
They're over there!
This chap will be useful as a sniper's mate in the first instance, and could also pull duty as a spotter for a mortar or something if I ever find myself with one.

No, wait, I mean over there!
So there you go! A short post, as promised, but it's all progress. Stay tuned for more of this, but be aware there's no chance that I'll keep this posting rate up...


  1. Good start.

    Where are the Napoleonics on the to-do list?

    1. Good question!

      I think some sort of plan may be in order.

  2. Have some faith in yourself man! Fig looks great!

  3. What a lovely figure! Really nice work :)