Friday 24 October 2014

Zomtober 2014 - Calling car 6

Just time to sneak in a final post for this year's Zomtober! I've stuck with the survivors once more - and in fact I've stuck with the police too, this time with a couple of patrolmen and their squad car. 

The car in question is a Hummer - having been called to a "disturbance", the cops arrived to find mutilated corpses attacking people and wisely beat a retreat. The big, chunky, military-style car finally made sense, and they were able to make good their escape. 

The car is in fact a poundland "army force" model with a new paint job, and a set of lights courtesy of Kieron. The freehand on the lettering could use some tidying, so I might do that before I move onto something else. 

The cops themselves are more Wargames Factory plastic survivors, with one dark ages arm and a piece of spare baton used to give one of them a torch. 

The plastic survivors are a bit limited in their poses, but still hoping to get more variety out of them before I'm done.

So there you go, a quick post, but I'm pretty pleased with the results I've got here. When I get chance, I think a Zomtober round up post is in order. 

Not sure what comes next - it was going to be napoleonics but I don't think I'm in the mood for that now. Watch this space to see what I come up with! 


  1. Brilliant! Great find in Poundland and lovely conversions.

  2. Great coppers. Love the torch pose. Great idea. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with now Zomtober is coming to an end.

  3. Lovely job dude! Nice conversions and fantastic Poundland find.

  4. Nicely done sir. Humvee vs Zeds? Doesn't seem a fair fight! :)

    Nice work on the vehicle and cops. :)

  5. Lovely job on both the cops and there new ride!

  6. Great work! Don't ya just love finding useful goodies at cheap stores?