Friday 20 February 2015

The French get serious

My Bolt Action French force grows a bit more - in numbers, if not particularly in points.

This is because I've painted an artillery piece - which I can use for free as one of the French national rules.

I enjoyed painting this model - the camo scheme is easy to do but more interesting than others I've painted before. Irritatingly it's only one of several schemes used on French guns and armour during the Battle of France, and it looks like for authenticity I ought to mix those within my force (armour was apparently painted at the factory and used different schemes depending on where it came from, so a mix within the same platoon was common). However, I really like this one, so there's a reasonable chance I'll just stick with it for everything. We'll see.

I tried to use magnets to have the two extra crew be removable, so I can use that for marking casualties. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have worked brilliantly, because I've just stuck magnets to the underside of each model rather than use separate bases. They stay in place well enough to be used on a table, but not to be transported in the box. I'll have to solve that problem somehow.

I've also done this spotter:

This picture went wrong - everything isn't this pink in real life.

He comes in the light artillery pack, but in Bolt Action the light artillery can't have a spotter. The mortar can, so I'll use him there, but for now he's going to be a forward artillery observer, so is worth 100 points on his own.

This has also failed. Too much pink!

Finally, a couple of random infantrymen that I picked up at the same time as getting the others ready to paint. These will be added to my existing squads for now.

2015 scores so far:
Painted - 32
Bought - 4


  1. that medium artillery? And you've got a light artillery piece coming too? Artillery observer as well possibly? I sense a theme.

    Looks good, I like the camo.

    1. It's light - although the French can have medium howitzers or AT guns for free, warlord only make a light howitzer!

    2. Ahhh...I see.

      Have you seen the Crusader Miniatures French? They've got a couple of things that Warlord don't, like light mortars, AT guns and...cavalry!

    3. I have, although the models are a noticeably different style to the warlord ones. I might still be tempted by an AT gun.

      Only other supplier I can find is Mad Bob Miniatures, but they don't come with crew and its a one man band outfit so don't currently have any stock anyway. I would like a medium howitzer though, since I can have one for free...

  2. You can order individual artillery crew from the Warlord store.

    Black Tree do a handful of french too, but not really enough to care.

  3. Great job love the camo on the gunshield

  4. What a cracking job, well done Sir.