Friday 26 June 2015

A sudden burst of energy! FRENCH!

I'm becoming increasingly desperate with the post titles.

Anyway, last night I unexpectedly had a bit more time available for painting, and I managed to finish off the six infantry I was struggling with in the last post.

We've gone for a mysteriously pink landscape this time.
Also, I managed to finish another model I'd been sneakily working on in the background and not posting about - a second officer!

Can you get more French than casually waving men into
battle while holding a cigarette in the same hand?

With this remarkably casual-looking chap available, I'm able to either use two platoons in one force, or have a senior officer alongside the lieutenant to spur my units on.

To save Pete and Kieron the trouble:
"this is how he'll look when he's running away"

I'm getting very close now. Just 7 more infantry (including the mortar crew), the mortar itself, the Panhard 178, and, when it arrives, the medium howitzer to go.

Here's the all-important 2015 scores:

Painted: 64
Bought: 47

And so far in the challenge, I think I'm on:
Painted: 7
Jokers used: 1