Tuesday 8 September 2015

More Shaltari - infantry this time!

A quick post for once! I've continued my Shaltari-painting for Dropzone Commander, and now have these ready:

Tiny people!

They're Shaltari Braves (space hedgehogs in 8 foot tall battle suits, obviously). I'm going to go back and make the bases more interesting later, but the priority is to stop playing with unpainted models as I'm sure it's offending the dice gods.

Anyway, that's done stuff to the scores...

For 2015 so far:
Painted: 91
Bought: 54

And for the Challenge:
Painted: 34
Jokers Used: 2
Jokers Earned: 1


  1. You could probably get away with filling the gaps where the models slot in and painting road markings on the bases.

    Oh, and the dice gods are offended by the very existence of Shaltari, painted or not.

  2. I bet they spend ages polishing their purple helmets...

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