Tuesday 6 October 2015

A Towering Achievement

Yes, I am fairly happy with the title of this post, why do you ask?

Our merry band of gamers has recently been a bit swept away by excitement over the new version of Kings of War. As this has follows hot on the hills of the Age of Sigmar travesty, we've gone for the obvious route of having games set in the Warhammer world but using the considerably simpler KoW rules.

I've decided that we need more terrain for this, and rooting around in my disturbingly colossal heap of unpainted models, I uncovered a tower. It comes from Battle Masters, the old MB/GW crossover game that I had as part of my unholy pilgrimage into the hobby (which, if you're interested (you aren't), roughly ran as follows: Fighting Fantasy books, HeroQuest, Battle Masters, Warhammer, 40k...). I sprayed it black some time in the late '90s, and a couple of brief decades later, I've finally finished the job. Well, apart from the flag.

So here's some pictures!
The flag needs something. Dunno what though.

Possibly some work for a plasterer there.


I've got nothing to say about this picture.


Of course, you're now desperate to see some numbers. And here they are!

For 2015 so far:
Painted: 108
Bought: 59

And for the Challenge:
Painted: 51
Jokers Used: 3
Jokers Earned: 2


  1. That still only counts as one!

    I'm impressed. It's neither French nor Cheatari, which is a first for you this year.

    1. It does indeed!

      I think you're right about it being a first this year too, which is a bit sobering.

  2. Looks great to me. True blast from the past. :)

  3. A spear upright through a crescent, also upright. Fairly generic, could apply to lots of settings.
    Or perhaps a mailed fist with lightning bolts around it?

    1. Hmmm. I'm not sure. I'm sure I'll be struck by sudden inspiration when I'm in the middle of something else...

  4. How about a bloody padlock on a field of incompetence?