Monday 20 June 2016

More Federal Fellas

I'm back!

Hot on the trail of the artillery I posted about last time, here's some more to add to the slowly growing pile of 6mm Union forces for our planned Black Powder outing.

A brigade!

It's a second infantry brigade! I really needed one. With these, I now have something approaching an army that could play a game by itself, albeit a small one.

I've found more of a rhythm with these than I did the last time I did any painting of them, so motoring through some more should hopefully be pretty straightforward.

Just a short post... back to it then!


  1. My word that's an awful lot of detail in something so small!

  2. Is that 3 more bases on top of what you'd done before?

    1. Yes, all have flags now as well, the previous ones didn't have them up to now.

    2. You've probably got more troops done than me now then. I'll crack in when I get home...

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