Saturday 7 January 2017

Well, that escalated quickly

Errr... right. As I mentioned in my obligatory New Year post, it's my intention this year to be pretty strict with myself and my intention to reduce my enormous collection of unused, unpainted models (and embarrasing number of which are still in their original packaging).

So, I have to report that this isn't off to a great start - I received the very generous gift of a £100 Warlord Games voucher from my mother in law for Christmas, and, well, this is the result:

Yeah, none of this is painted.
That's a second copy of the Terminator Genisys game, some special and heavy weapon terminator endoskeletons, a French MMG team, a motorcycle gang, 8 horses and a ruined farmhouse. 

By my count, that's a total of 57 models, although I might be able to get clever with the motorcycle gang and stretch it a bit further. 

So, let's start the counter...

Acquired in 2017: 57
Painted in 2017: 0

Yeah. That's a flying start, but sadly in the wrong direction. Still, onwards and upwards!