Friday 31 March 2017

Small Guns Go For It

I've been quiet here for a while, but in an unusual move I've actually painted more than one or two models - although admittedly they are all pretty small. Let's have a look at my tiny achievements...

First off, some ACW artillery.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! 

We need these for the first battle in a campaign that we started a couple of weeks ago. These are actually Parrott rifles, so would normally qualify for extra range in Black Powder. I suspect they won't have that ability in the campaign game, but it's nice to have these available in any case, since it increases my options for future games.

Next, some casualty markers!

Captions about dead horses. Errr.... something about glue?

These have been sat amongst my painting stuff for months, but needed finishing off, so I finally did that as I was in an ACW mood. My experience of Black Powder is that most of my units take damage (and then I lose) so it's worth having more of these ready.

Speaking of things that needed finishing off...

Legs are overrated!

It's a terminator crawler. This was sat on my desk in need of a base, so adding one lets me finish it and add to my painted tally...

Painted: 45
Aquired: 67



  1. Are you counting those cannon as 20 models?

    1. Of course. They are 20 models! To be fair I've counted each fighter and bomber in my kickstarter pledge as a model so it's the same in as out.

    2. 1 infantry base and you can start buying things again!

  2. Indeed, although the plan is to not do that!

  3. Why do I get the feeling that your cheating at a challenge that you created the rules for?

    Otherwise, good stuff!

  4. Excellent stuff. I am always impressed with any such small scale work. :)

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