Saturday 19 August 2017

Piece of Resistance

The title is a reference to the wrong film. Apologies. If you can think of a better title for this post, I suggest you imagine I'd written that instead.

Anyway! In a similar vein to my previous post about post-apocalyptic barricades, here are some resistance fighters for Terminator Genisys. I picked these partly because I seem to be a in post-apocalypse mood at the moment, but also because I figured I could paint these quickly, get my numbers up, and get closer to having some bigger games of Terminator.

And indeed, these were very quick to paint!

Let's get killed in the future!

So, I've rattled through a dozen of them in about a week, which for me is very very fast. It also occurred to me as I was doing these that apart from the four carrying futuristic (and oddly bulbous, but that does match the film) plasma weapons, these would pass very nicely for some sort of private security or henchmen. I'm sure Kieron will be able to come up with something 7TV related that they could be used for...

In case you're wondering, I did plan to take more photos of these, but Mrs Matt returned from IKEA with the kids as I was posing them, so they were unceremoniously chucked in a box before they could be of interest to preschoolers. This does mean that there's a chance I've broken several of them. Suppose I'll find out the next time I open that box.

Anyway, here's the obligatory numbers that no one but me will care about:

Painted: 117
Acquired: 118

So close! It's a shame I'm going to Partizan in the morning, that's likely to push things in the wrong direction...


  1. I didn't notice this. They look good. We should play another game. Is that a full starter set?

    Also, in terms of 7TV they'd make great minions for an evil mastermind, or security guards defending against an alien invasion. So...yes, you were right, I can come up with something.

    1. A full starter set is 16 I think. It looks like one of my two sets was missing a sprue though, so have a total of 28. So still have more than this again to paint...