Monday 18 September 2017

More purple stuff, but at a different scale

As I mentioned in my last post, I've bought a fair amount of Dropzone Commander stuff recently. Seemed like the next thing to do was start painting it, so here we are.

Assuming anyone is still reading by this point, let's have a look at what I've done.

First of all, half a dozen of these fellas:

Stompy stompy, blasty blasty

These are Ronin - armoured battlesuit things. At some point in the future, everyone seems to be agreed that armoured battlesuits will become vital. Not quite sure why that should be the case, but there we are. This version is good because it can appear from being transported and shoot stuff in the same turn, which most things can't normally. So that's nice.

Continuing the "things that are apparently a good idea in sci-fi" theme, we have a walking tank!

More stompy stompy, more blasty blasty
This is a Coyote Command Walker. I feel quite safe posting this here even though I'd normally hide it until it makes it onto the table. This is because I've been bemoaning the lack of one of these for so long that no one would believe I didn't buy it anyway. This is good in the game because it's a lot tougher than most things in my army, and also because it has an ejector seat, so the commander inside can survive for a bit longer when it is inevitably wrecked around the mid point of turn 2.

There we are then, short and sweet, but it all adds to the numbers...

Painted: 154
Acquired: 162

I'm planning to do Zomtober again this year! I didn't do it last time round (in fact I'm not sure when I did last do it) but I've got plans for this one, so keep watching here...