Sunday 22 April 2018

Pungari Pun Ross

I make no apologies for that title.

I've been back to my side project of "finally dealing with models I received as gifts years ago", and this time I've opted for some Pungari Auxiliaries for my Shaltari Dropzone Commander force.

Forty of the little blighters!

These were a secret santa gift from Kieron a couple of years ago, and they're basically apex gift trolling. They're potentially useful, but they were fiddly to paint, extremely numerous, and I'm actually not certain how valuable they'd be in the game. They are good at searching buildings, but otherwise they cost more, and are easier to kill, than standard Shaltari braves. Well played, Kieron.

As it was sat around near the Pungari, I also painted another Endoskeleton for Terminator Genisys, this time one with twin plasma rifles.
"It doesn't get tired, it doesn't feel pain,
and it absolutely will not stop until you
are dead. Or its ankles break."
This is another worryingly fragile metal model. This time I'm worried that the ankles are going to snap, as it's been leaning alarmingly and I've had to bend it back into shape a couple of times. I'm already contemplating things I could stick to the base as support when it inevitably breaks.

Anyway, robot ankle failure aside, painting an endoskeleton leads me neatly into plugging the Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance Kickstarter that's running right now. It has about a week left to run, so if like me you're weirdly obsessed with Terminator, you can throw some money in that direction.

So, I've painted 41 models to include in a single blog post. That's got to have done good things to my numbers...

Painted: 66
Acquired: -6

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