Monday 26 September 2011

Time running out!

As I said in the last update, things are really not looking good for me getting all the models in the target done in time.

So, to get somewhere this month, I decided to try to get all the models (except the mini!) in my target at least base coated so that I've got some progress.

Here's the pile:

As you can see, the base coats are mainly done, I do need to cover a couple of areas on the criminals and the grey bits (the vests and webbing) on the 4 SWAT models at the back.

These 5 models are done, they just need basing:

For the bases, I'm planning to create tiled floors using card. I was also thinking of trying to make litter by printing out shrunk down newspapers etc. - watch this space to see whether that works...

1 comment:

  1. Cut small pieces of wood out of tooth-picks. Paint the sides red and the ends silver. Ready made coke cans to add to the 'litter'. Should just be the right size.