Tuesday 20 September 2011


Ugh, I'm really not getting a lot of time for painting this much - too many "real life" things are gettting in the way!

That said, I have done 4 SWAT and 1 criminal to "almost ready" status, and another 4 SWATs and 3 criminals are "underway". So there's still some hope, but I'm going to have next to no time this week and not much next week either...

At least I've done something...


  1. Did you decide on a basing scheme yet?

  2. Thanks! I'm finding them a bit fiddly to do, but I'm hoping to get a couple of hours on them tomorrow. Still really doubt I'll be meeting the target though.

    As for basing, I think I'll go down the tiled floor route. I'm also thinking I can maybe get some images of things like newspapers and crisp packets, shrink and print them, and add to the bases as litter. Worth a try anyway...