Wednesday 14 September 2011

Secret Weapon!

That's the old "exciting title" trick deployed then.

In reality, my secret weapon isn't too exciting, it's one of these:

It's my new laptop paint station dooberry from Warlord Games. The idea is that I can sit downstairs and get some painting done, as opposed to only using the times I can sneak into the spare room. I gave this a trial run tonight and it sort of works. Using the desk is better, but I can do things like base coating, and basing, and the other more repetitive bits. 

Anyway, I've made a bit of progress towards the month's goal. I took a leaf out of Andy's book and got one of the SWAT models almost completed to check out the colour scheme. I've gone for a different painting style to the one I used on the Romans. This is mainly because these models have less detail than the Romans so I've had to do more highlighting and haven't relied on inks (in fact I've only used ink on the faces so far). 

I've done 3-4 levels of highlighting on the test model, and it came out pretty well I thought - so I've done another the same way. I've also done the first coat on one of the criminals, I think base coating those will be a job for a "laptop" session.

Oh, and I tried my hand at freehand to paint the "POLICE" logo onto the back of the first two SWAT models...

One thing though - at the moment I have no idea how to base these as I want them to look like they're indoors but don't know how to do it. I'll have a think about that one.


  1. Yeah, thinking about it I'm pretty sure Hobbycraft has dolls house stuff. Maybe they have carpets or something I could use...

  2. You could go tiles and then this wouldn't look out of place out doors as well?

    Good freehand too :)