Saturday 3 September 2011

A Change of Plan

The results of August's marking left me marked down for not having a very high model count, which is fair enough. So, I'm revising my target for September upwards, even though I'm not sure I'll get much time.

This picture is my main goal:

The primary target - 11 SWAT, 9 suited bad guys, and a Mini. Oh, and that photo in the background is from my third year prom at uni, but unfortunately I'm behind the stapler so you can't see my 21 year old self in a tuxedo. Sorry about that.
There are 11 SWAT guys altogether, although 7 have been started (the uniforms are painted blue but they've got chipped and need redoing).

There's another 9 models in suits - these are the criminals.

Then there's a 1:43 scale Mini. I picked this up for £2.49 today, and it is already painted, but it looks far too clean for me, so I'm going to see what I can do to take the shine off it. This is going to be terrain for Flashbang.

This photo is the backup - if I run out of time I'll move on to these:
The "if there's time" pile - 4 redneck criminals and 4 hostages
These are 4 redneck criminals, and 4 hostages - again, these are for Flashbang (which you might remember is a game I'm writing).

I've decided to ignore the furniture for this month. I think I'm going to quite enjoy doing it, but I want more time to plan and I think the models need doing first.


  1. Aw I wanna see 21 year old Matt! Are you going to have 3 minis in red, blue and white?

  2. No. And no.

    I do have a tuxedo though, I could turn up to a monthly meet up in it.

    Tell you what, I promise to do that if I win!