Friday 26 October 2012

Two years of this nonsense!

I've just noticed that my very first post on this blog was two years ago today!

Just think of what I could have achieved if I'd put the time I've spent writing this gibberish to some sort of worthwhile use.

Still, I think I've come up with some reasonable painting during that time. Some of my favourites have been...

My Republican Romans - I really must play some Impetus again, I like that army! I especially enjoyed putting together the Roman baggage train for them, and I'd like to do some more diorama-style pieces in future.

The Saxons that I painted for Triples 2011 were also fun, and I was happy with how the colour scheme for the bases helped during games of Saga, so I followed on the same scheme for my Normans (although I still need to paint a mount for Alan).

I painted a set of SWAT and criminals for Flashbang, my own set of close-quarters rules which I really do intend to finish and do something with. I also put together some really nice Sarissa buildings for this, which see a lot of action in VBCW as well.

Speaking of VBCW I built a couple of wacky vehicles for that.

In fact the conversions, even though I don't do that many of them, are probably my favourite projects - for example the Steam Powered War Altar which may very well only have seen the table once but is still among my favourite things I've done.

The nice thing about maintaining this blog is that it encourages me to try to make something worthwhile out of what I paint, and to get things finished so I can blog about them. I'm only slightly ashamed to admit that I normally spend the days after posting rocking back and forth, hitting refresh over and over while drinking alone constantly checking for comments, as it's other people's feedback on the things I post that makes me want to get more up. So thanks everyone that's said things on here, especially the two or three that were complimentary!

See you in another two years...


  1. Congrats on hitting the two year mark

  2. Get back to doing more fantasy so i can start commenting again!