Monday 29 October 2012

Why win when you could have a chainsaw?

Work-life balance, to use the kind of neologism that makes certain sectors of society extremely angry, is very important. If you spend all of your time at work dealing with pitiful budgets, unrealistic expectations, arbitrary deadlines and a constant need to be seen to be working as much as actually getting the work done, it's important to be able to relax and do something different in your free time.

In that spirit, here's a blog post about my latest hobby project, so that I can show you all that I've been working on a project that I don't have much money for, unreasonably believe I can make brilliant, and will really need to finish by the end of the year.

January is Blood Bowl season at Wargamers FC, and I wanted to use a new team after years of only humans or chaos to pick from. Since I did fairly well with chaos (supposedly a harder team to use) last time, I decided to make things even harder for myself and go with goblins for the next season. Since I've been saying I was going to do this since the end of the last season, Kieron was kind enough to give me two trolls, so I just needed to get the other positions.

I've built the team from a goblin regiment box, which was easy enough to do. Since one problem that I kept having with my other teams was an inability to buy extra players due to a lack of models, I've made every model that could possibly be a part of the team (so 16 basic goblins, 4 secret weapons, and 2 trolls).

They'll just need painting before January now...

Apologies for the terrible photos below by the way - they were all taken very quickly on my phone. I'll sort out using the proper camera soon. Probably.

A couple of trolls, useful for flinging goblins at the opposition (or occasionally at the end zone if it looks like there might be a chance to score).

A couple of goblins landing badly from being flung!

The "secret" weapons. The pogoer and looney with chainsaw are "proper" blood bowl models, the fanatic is a WFB fanatic and the bombardier is a plastic gobbo with a hand swap and bomb added.

The rest! I have 16 of these, so there should be plenty of spares to cope with the inevitable injuries...

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  1. Should be a good looking team! I need to move my arse for our league... May just use my Norse and lose early again