Wednesday 13 February 2013

I Finally Finished a Project!

It had to happen eventually. Admittedly, a Blood Bowl team isn't the biggest painting challenge I've ever taken on, but for once I got to the end of a project shortly after I started it, and did everything I was planning to do. All of which is a grandiose way of saying "look! I painted these four goblins!"

Four of them! Count them! Four!
This means that I now have models painted to cover all of the possible choices for a goblin team, so for once my choices won't be limited to the models I have available.

Unfortunately, my choices might be limited by goblins not exactly being one of the Blood Bowl's powerhouse teams. So far I've played two games, and racked up a draw against the All Blocks (Pete's Dwarfs) and a loss against the extravagantly named Shhhh! Argh! Nooo! Scares (JP's Necromantic team). To be honest, I should have lost the game against the dwarfs too, but Pete for some reason decided to dodge with a dwarf, fell over and allowed the crowd to throw the ball down field for me, costing himself a touchdown and awarding one to me. I have another game planned against the Wolfington Deadthings (Stu's Necromantic team) on Sunday, so maybe I'll be able to change my fortunes there. Or, then again, maybe not.

Anyway, now that the gobbos are done, I need another painting target, so I'm moving onto some modern scenery. Specifically, I'm picking up bits of furniture that I started some time last year, but then stopped working on because I got distracted by Normans.

Here's a lovely sofa and chair arrangement...
There are quite a few of these so for the moment the plan is to paint them until I get bored and do something else. You're probably thinking "Matt, that's a rubbish target. You suck." This is entirely accurate, but my blog, my rules. Or something.

... and some shelfy things.
Anyway, I've actually finished off the shelves above since taking this photo, but haven't taken another picture since. You can have that later, it's nice to have something to look forward to. Speaking of which, my next post will give a thrilling insight into the stuff I got in York at Vapnartak, so you've got that to look forward to as well. Don't say I never (promise to) give you anything.

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