Wednesday 20 February 2013

Wargames Gifts - the follow up

In a glaring ommission, I, your dedicated blog rambling chap, have just realised that I never gave the promised follow up to my Wargames Gift Guide. So, better late than never, here is the list!

First up, Mrs Matt got me some Empress Miniatures modern US infantry. These are really nice models, and will be very useful for my planned Flashbang multi player game. They're amongst the most finely detailed models I've ever seen, so I'll be very interested to see how good I can get them to look with my ham fisted approach to painting. I'm really looking forward to painting these, so the results will definitely appear here.

This picture is from Empress' site, mine aren't stuck together yet.

Second, Mrs Matt followed up with a copy of "Nuts" for Flames of War. I'm really happy to have this book - as I think I've mentioned before, I've always pictured my US Airborne as being Easy Company, and now I have rules to allow me to field various individuals from Easy. I had a quick look at forces I could make with this book and determined that I can get to 3500 points for a single company pretty easily using models I already have. That will mean a fair amount of painting, but I'm sure I'll be bitten by the Flames of War bug again before too long.

More US Airborne! They already rip tanks apart and now they're even better!

On the Flames of War theme, my parents have got me a Bastogne Church from Battlefront. Or rather, they've tried to. Battlefront are having some supply problems at the moment so I'm not sure yet when this will actually arrive, which is a shame because it looks like a fantastic model and will go really well with Nuts.

This looks great, hope it actually shows up.

Finally, the last wargamey gift from my parents is a Dremel-style multi tool thingy. This looks like it will be extremely useful, and likely to result in only one or two trips to A&E!

I'll be able to do all sorts of damage to myself with this!

Overall then, I think the gift guide idea worked, although I wonder if I'd have been better off giving more precise information about what I'd like - limiting it to specific ranges maybe. I did like the surprise element though, and I really want to keep that in future... I've got time to think about this before Christmas 2013, so I'm sure I'll work something out by then.

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  1. I copied your idea and ended up with some real surprises - some armed schoolboys for VBCW and a couple of Russian vehicles for FOW (being creative with uses for them).

    I'll probably expand the idea to the whole family around my birthday.