Saturday 16 November 2013

Napvember Post 3 - Back on Track!

After the trials and tribulations I posted about a few days ago, I've managed a bit of a turnaround! 

I now have a unit of painted riflemen...

Alright, it will count as a "tiny" unit for Black Powder, but it is a unit, and it's my first ever for the napoleonic era. Since painting at least one napoleonic unit was one of my New Year's resolutions I'm happy with that!

The real meat of my British army is obviously going to be the line infantry, so I've moved onto that with a test model.

The idea here was to find a way to paint these quickly, and I'm happy with the result - this was about 2 hours work in total and now I know what I'm doing I think I can speed that up with a little production line. I think I'll aim to get a few more done for next week. 


  1. Brilliant, Looking forward to seeing the ranks beginning to fill once you get going!

  2. Nicely done for a couple of hours, and I still think you are brave or mad for doing Napoleonics! :D

  3. Good work.

    It's enough to play a small skirmish game or reenact the Sharpe TV series.

    1. I think I need three of four more guys for sharpe, but I'm nearly there...