Thursday 28 November 2013

Napvember Post 4 - Slow and Steady

Not as quick as I was in the second week, but I've still got some painting done!

Volley fire is more effective if they all aim the same way, though

Here we go, another 3 infantrymen. I actually painted these last week, but again real life has been getting in the way of the blogging. As you can tell, the basing on these needs to be finished off, but that should be fairly straightforward!

As it's now the 1st of December, I suppose Napvember is now complete. I've got 12 models finished altogether, which is better than the 5 I was aiming for, but is still a long way from a complete army. I think I'll aim to get the line infantry regiment up to 24 men as soon as I can, but of course the butterfly effect is starting for me now, so there's a danger I'll wander off and start something else before I get that far...


  1. If it helps, I could start some Napoleonic stuff too as motivation. However, I probably need to finish my Bolt Action Russians first.

    A new year project?

    They look good though.

    1. I think some games would be the best motivator!

      In the new year there's a strong possibility that I'll be distracted with moderns, as my Chinese are likely to turn up in January...