Tuesday 10 March 2015

Some Friendly Support...

... would probably be nice!

On arriving at Pete's at the weekend for the latest installment of our Star Wars Imperial Assault campaign (almost every game of which so far can be summed up as "the rebels didn't move fast enough and therefore lost"), I was presented with an envelope, containing this card:

Is blood red a bit weird for this sort of card?

Which on the inside reads:

I've just realised Pete wrote "the" instead of "this" on the last line. Loser!
Alright, that is actually pretty funny. Although it is now imperative that the French win their first game against Pete this Saturday. 

Unfortunately, there's a good chance that won't be the case, so I'm going to prepare my list of excuses now. Here goes:
  1. I'm severely limited in what I can take, since I've not got a huge amount painted yet. What I do have is a legal 500 point army, but probably not one you'd pick if you had free rein.
  2. It's the first time I've used the French, so I haven't developed an understanding of how to use them effectively yet.
  3. Pete may well give his officers and/or attendants StG-44 assault rifles, which weren't even designed until 1943, and my list is from 1940.
  4. I was distracted by a bird/moth/antelope/meteor at a crucial moment.
  5. The sun is in my eyes.
  6. We're playing at Pete's house so he has a home field advantage.
  7. I don't speak enough French to order my troops properly.
  8. I've put this army on bigger bases than my partisans, and it's thrown off my depth perception.

Yeah, something there should definitely cover it.

Oh, and I've painted some more models! Yet more French I'm afraid, so these pictures are starting to get a bit repetitive.

If only they could understand what I'm saying.
We also went to Hammerhead a couple of weeks ago. Probably not one we'd go back to in a hurry - we mainly go to shows for the traders, and there just aren't that many there. However, it did enable me to buy - you've guessed it - more French! I picked up another squad (so I now have 4 and can use the free inexperienced squad rule if I want to) the new HQ pack from Warlord, and a Crusader anti tank gun. This gives me enough for a couple of variations at 1000 points - just need to get everything painted. Fortunately, at this stage my motivation with these is holding out, so I need to get as many of them done as I can before that changes.

Totals so far for 2015:
Painted: 36
Bought: 22


  1. You forgot the excuse of:

    "I'm more of a historical reenactor than a wargamer. This game was an accurate reflection of what actually happened."

    1. Yep. Basically, losing is what I should be trying to do.