Friday 13 March 2015

Yet more French infantry

AEven I'm starting to lose interest in these blog posts.

Unfortunately for you, I haven't yet lost interest in painting my Bolt Action French, so you're going to have to suffer through more of this for the time being.

Here's the latest batch. This gets me to the 500 point force I need for my inaugural French game tomorrow.

On taking this picture I realised I hadn't done the rims of the bases.
It's ok though, I've done that now. You can relax.
The force I'll be using is unfortunately not a sensible one, as it's limited to what I have painted, but it at least gives me a chance to try these guys out and see if I can start to work out some tactics for them. They don't have access to some of the obvious ways I was using the partisans, so that should make things a bit more interesting.

Totals so far for 2015:
Painted: 39
Bought: 22

1 comment:

  1. Looks good.

    I've been thinking of some strategies for you:

    1. Hunker down and hope the journey from Germany has worn them out.
    2. Hide
    3. Hope they're actually attacking Spain and they'll pass you by.
    4. Surrender, give up half your country and join their side.

    I'm here to help. :)