Friday 10 July 2015

French Infantry are done!

I've done it! The last 7 infantry models for my French Bolt Action force are now painted!

This means the army is very nearly done - all I have left is a Panhard 178 armoured car, a medium howitzer (which has yet to arrive from Mad Bob Miniatures) and the mortar.

Not having the mortar painted yet is a bit weird as I have done these guys:

I'm pretty sure we've forgotten something...

Unfortunately though the mortar is much easier to stick together if I also attach it to the base, and I somehow managed to leave all appropriately sized bases in the loft, so that'll need to wait until I go up there and get one.

But I have done two riflemen, one of them with a VB launcher:

By this point I have very little left to say about French riflemen.

And of course the LMG team:


So now I have four 10-man squads painted - that's a pretty solid core for a Bolt Action force.
Unfortunately the French squads can be up to 12 men, so I'm sorely tempted to get 8 more at some point and bulk the squads up further... but not for now!

So what has this done to my scores? Let's have a look.

For 2015 so far I'm on:
Painted: 71
Bought: 47

And for the Challenge, it looks like:
Painted: 14
Jokers Used: 1


  1. Nicely done and good luck with the continuing painting challenge. :)

    1. Thanks! Almost time to do something different...

  2. Well done Matt, these are lovely.

    1. You're very kind! Hoping to find time to take some better photos of the whole force at some point...

  3. What size/shape of base do you need for the mortar? I might be able to save you a trip to the loft.

    1. Round, I'm not sure of the exact size though. Possibly 70mm? I'd know it if I saw it!

    2. Ahhh, that's bigger than the ones I have. It's not just for the mortar, is it? You want to be able to stand your crew on there as well, don't you? Can't help then.