Tuesday 14 July 2015

French Reconnaissance Begins!

Probably they should have done this first, but my French Bolt Action forces now have the ability to carry out reconnaissance!

Yep, in a move that will surprise no one at all, I've painted more French stuff, specifically this Panhard 178 armoured car:

In the game, it functions like a less-good version of the Puma I already use with my Partisans - it has a machine gun and light anti-tank gun, and can run away when it gets shot at, but it doesn't have dual-direction steering (so isn't as good at running away) and it has thinner armour (so when it runs away less effectively, it's in more danger).

Looks nice though, dunnit?

So, outstanding things to paint for the French now are the mortar (can't do that until I go into the loft) and the medium howitzer (hasn't arrived yet).

I'm so nearly done!

So, let's have another look at the scores...

For 2015 so far:
Painted: 72
Bought: 47

And for the Challenge:
Painted: 15
Jokers Used: 1


  1. Your stats are looking enviable. I like the black lining on the camo. I suspect I'd be too lazy to do something like that myself. It makes the effect pop, rather than smear as many camos do. It's tricky to make a 'camo' that looks good on the table rather than obscures the min.

    1. Thanks! To be honest, things like this are so quick to paint compared to the infantry that I was almost looking for other things to do on it!

  2. I love the fact that this has a better gun than your tank. Although between them, they could be a bit of a threat...for a turn or two...

    1. I think my mistakes with the tank so far have been in assuming it's in some way powerful or survivable. Which it isn't, so I should probably be more cautious. Since this is recce, it's got "cautious" baked in...

  3. What a cracking little armoured car. Lovely job.