Monday 30 November 2015

A long overdue update - with more Shaltari!


Yep, it's been three weeks since my last post, and longer than that since I posted any painting progress. This is because I've been in the throes of a secret project, and I didn't want to tip my hand to Pete "Just War" McSecretpaint by putting pictures up here too early!

So let's hope the incident where the Blogger app decided to "publish" instead of "save" when I added the photos didn't blow the whole thing.

Anyway, here we are at last. I've been beavering away on my latest Shaltari acquisitions for a while - because Pete was one of the first in our group to start a Dropzone Commander force, he's been able to get more options ready and had the advantage of more or less knowing what other players would show up with for a smaller game.

Now I've added some more options of my own, and can take the game size up to 1500 points. Hopefully some things here will be nasty surprises for Pete, but even if not, they should at least make games more interesting by giving me more stuff to suffer a humiliating defeat with.

So here we go, onto the models...

First is a Warspear. This is a fast mover, which means it makes attack runs across the battlefield and can only be targeted by reaction fire. That makes it hard to shoot down and gives it the ability to attack almost anywhere, but I suspect it's lacking in firepower so I'll need to be careful in selecting appropriate targets for it.


And from underneath!

Then, two Tarantula battle striders. These are probably going to actually be my biggest hitters, and I wanted more than two when I went to get them. Sadly, only two were available, so that's what I have.
These have a special weapon that is better at damaging targets with heavier armour - something I've struggled to do up to now.

See? Two.

This one sort of crouches to target something on the ground.

While this one is more upright.

As there weren't any more Tarantulas in stock at the Outpost when I went shopping, I got a Jaguar warstrider. This is a big beast, with it's own AA turret. Ideally this can soak up a bit of fire and still punch back.

To the left...

... and to the right!

Last, but by no stretch of the imagination least, a Firedrake. This is a lovely model, and much bigger when I put it together than I was expecting! I had to get some parts replaced as they were miscast, which has left me with the miscast bits as spares, which I do have a plan for. 
This thing can beam in my troops, flies pretty fast, and has a powerful area effect weapon. I'm just hoping it isn't embarrassingly shot down before it can do anything!

*glides past menacingly*

So big the backdrop can't contain it!

View from above. Yes, this was fiddly to paint.

And breathe!

As is customary, let's see what that did to my numbers...

For 2015 so far:
Painted: 125
Bought: 68

And for the Challenge:
Painted: 68
Jokers Used: 4
Jokers Earned: 2


  1. Well, that didn't go to plan did it!

    Is this a thing now? We buy stuff and paint it in secret...

  2. If it is what we do now, it's your fault. Look at what you've created...

    They look good Matt. Is the Jaguar the one with an ejector seat?

    1. No, that's the coyote, the command one. Jaguar has an AA turret on the top. Was probably the most effective of the new things, although some flukiness was involved there.

    2. It was the luckiest thong on the table!

      Quite the opposite of your fancy command tank which was taken out by an infantryman with a rocket launcher...

    3. It was the luckiest thong on the table!

      Quite the opposite of your fancy command tank which was taken out by an infantryman with a rocket launcher...

  3. No you fool, I was wearing my lucky thong!