Tuesday 15 December 2015

Big cat on the prowl...

It turns out, now that I've checked, that by sheer fluke my last post happened to fall on the last day of the 6 Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge for 2015. So, how did I do in the challenge?

Well, my goals were to finish my WW2 French army for Bolt Action, and to complete my Shaltari force for Dropzone Commander.

I managed both! I'm basically stunned by this realisation. My French force has been terrorising Pete's Germans for a while now, and my Shaltari have, er, also been involved in games.

Overall, my numbers for the challenge were:
Painted: 68
Jokers Used: 4
Jokers Earned: 2

Which doesn't seem bad to me at all. I'm really happy with that, and I'm looking forward to repeating the experience again next year.

Anyway, back to unguided painting and mountain reduction. We're planning a big Bolt Action fall of Berlin game for our Christmas all-day gaming session, and I'll be joining Pete on the German side.

To do this I needed to get more points of Germans ready, so a quick way to do this was a to paint a Panther. Which I have.

Big tank!

The turret turns and everything!

This is a Rubicon Models kit, and it went together pretty easily. The only issue I had was the front of the hull, where it didn't quite meet. I've had to use some filler there, but it's not too obvious and will be even easier to miss when there are other things on a table. So I'm happy.

It can even point the other way!

Unfortunately though, I've been forced (forced I say) to take advantage of the sprues sale that Warlord ran recently, so I've acquired 24 German infantry and a tiny truck for the French. So that skews my totals a bit. Ah well.

Right, what's next?

For 2015 so far:
Painted: 126
Bought: 93


  1. Bravo! A panther is on my list...

    And your french have hardly been terrorising my Germans! I've only lost once!

    1. You were all but wiped out in the last game. The only reason you held it to a draw was because the wreckage of your tank was stopping me from reaching the objective in time.

      You've never beaten the French.

      You're well terrorised. Pete The Terrorised, that's what they call you.

    2. I like that...for now.

      I may feel different about it in a week or two. I suspect you'll have the same issue I have with my FoW Panthers, it's terrifying, but you become very much a hostage to dice rolls.