Saturday 16 July 2016

Horse Trading

Or something. Sometimes I feel compelled to try to come up with a joke title where none is available.


As I've been banging on about recently, my little group of gamers is planning to play the first scenario from Glory Hallelujah, the American Civil War supplement for Black Powder.

The game is planned for tomorrow, after Joy of Six, so it's convenient that I've finished the models I
need to supply for the game!

Here they are...

The cavalry! The Wilson's Creek scenario gives the Union a single, tiny, cavalry unit, so here it is.


We also need more commanders, so I'm providing two of them:


Glory Hallelujah lets you use commanders on foot... but I don't have any models for that, so I'll be sticking with mounted ones for now.

Oh! Also, I painted some skirmishers for use when changing formations with my infantry regiments. This is them, here:


The Wilson's Creek scenario will be interesting. As the Union force we'll be outnumbered, and the Confederates have a flank attack. However, we can send a brigade to attack the enemy from the rear, so we should be able to achieve something with that - at least use it to prevent a total whitewash!

Tune in next time to see how that works out for us...