Tuesday 5 July 2016

Stating the obvious

More tiny American Civil War stuff!

Pete is now painting Confederates, which will be useful as someone for me to fight.

However, Kieron and Wes appear to be letting the side down.

So, we're stepping down our plans a little. We were intending to tackle the first scenario in Glory Hallelujah. However, the Black Powder rulebook contains a smaller ACW scenario, which we can manage with the forces we have models for. So, I need to get these painted by the 17th.

First step: infantry!

State Troops!

Federal Troops!

The state troops (can't remember which states, or be bothered to check. This blog is free, what do you want?) are intended to allow me to pick out units that have different attributes. This was going to be important for the Battle of Wilson's Creek, which we're now not doing yet. Ho hum.

Anyway! Since the scenario needs a picket which starts the game in skirmish formation, I think I have enough infantry!

I still need more commanders, and some cavalry. That should be doable though...


  1. When did 'we' decide that? The 17th is ages away. I've assembled and started painting everything I need to.