Monday 30 January 2017

Additional Tiny Spaceships

Well, we're gathered here once again, so let's list off what I've painted recently. It won't take long.

First off, an Amber cruiser...

Yep, that's what one of those looks like.

And then, two more Voidgates, to enable further Shaltari cheating.

That completes the Shaltari starter fleet from my enormous Dropfleet Commander pledge. We've been playing a few games using just the starter fleets, and so far I've beaten everyone but Pete and his confounded UCM. 

Next step is to get to 750 points with these. I don't actually know what I'm going to add to get there, but I suppose it would be prudent to include a second mothership. So maybe I'll do that. 

But maybe not!

Anyway, how's the 2017 painting tally looking now, with a month basically down?

Painted: 4
Aquired: 66


Well, that might look better next time I suppose...


  1. They're not beautiful. They're bloody annoying is what they are!

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