Wednesday 22 February 2017

Things are being painted!

I haven't posted for a while. In my defence, this is mainly because I haven't done anything worth posting about, but I've also just not got around to writing anything.

But I've now turned that around, by both painting some models and also turning up here to tell everyone about it! So prepare yourself, here come some photos.

First up, yet another tiny spaceship for Dropfleet Commander.

A Shaltari frigate! Don't worry, I've done other stuff...

I've been doing almost embarrassingly well at Dropfleet Commander, leading of course to insistent claims from other players that the Shaltari starter fleet is overpowered. Clearly that's nonsense, I'm just a tactical genius.

Next up, terminators!

To the left...
To the right...
And now try it without legs

These are from the basic Terminator Genesys game, so I've got the same to do again (and actually I have one more crawler that needs to go on a base) but these were, as you can probably guess, very easy to paint.

Just need to actually play the game now!

It's all good, so I have to temper that slightly - I did by a staff car from Vapnartak. Pretty restrained, but I did intend to paint it quickly and just didn't.

So, what's happened to the scores?

Painted: 19
Aquired: 67


  1. Very nice indeed, I have been tempted by the Terminator game myself and this isn't helping my willpower.

    1. It's a nice simple little game with lots of potential. I suspect Warlord won't be supporting it for ever, so my advice would be to grab a copy now while they're very cheap!

  2. Can't see the painted teeth!

    And is that the 3rd frigate?

    1. The teeth are painted (base coat and highlight no less) but they're very small!

      Yep, that's the third frigate. Probably do the mothership next.

  3. Is that picture of the Frigate about to blow up and take the other photos with it?

    Just asking.

    Nice terminators. You should play that game.

    1. Yes, but unaccountably it's still going to defeat the scourge.

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