Sunday 28 July 2019

More Perishables!

I said last time that there would be another blog post about pulp models, since I approached the 7TV Pulp day by just painting anything vaguely appropriate I had lying around and then figuring out a cast later.

Time to make good on that threat. I give you... the extended Perishables!

Today's photography problems include
very poor lighting and a somewhat greasy lens
In order to spin this post out into something that seems vaguely worth writing, here are the models I've added...

A saboteur
Pretty sure this chap was an Artizan Designs model, from some packs I got when I was first playing Bolt Action and using partisans. I never really had a use for these models before now, and having seen the 7TV Pulp rules... I still don't.

This model pairs nicely with this one...

A man with a plunger!
The detonator bloke comes from the same pack, and feels like it might somehow be more useful in a game, but so far that hasn't come up.

Moving swiftly on...

Lovely boater
I also got this fella when I was building up the partisans and needed people with pistols - at the time I decided he was just too gangster-y. The hat in particular is a nice touch on this model, but unfortunately I can't remember who made it.


Two guns!
This is a Pulp Miniatures figure, from a pack that I think I got (again) for the partisans. The photo is terrible, but I was trying to do this as a 20's US uniform, since I imagine the Perishables to be a mishmash of ex-military people from anywhere.

From the same pack there was also this amazingly-square jawed pilot:

Have you seen a plane anywhere?
This photo is even worse, but if you could see him you might be able to tell that I've tried to give him a British uniform. I also have a WW2 RAF pilot that I got from Partizan a while back, who is pulling an almost identical pose. I might paint that one too at some point, presumably as someone to capture or something.

Then we move onto someone strangely sinister...

I think he's from the same pack as the pilot, and is fiddling with a knife in a very creepy way. He's another one that I've not yet worked out an appropriate 7TV card for, but I'm sure I can crack that.

Last but not least...

The Brigadier! He's another freebie from Partizan, joining two others that were already in the cast.

So, we've made it to the end of a series of very low-quality images. What's that done to my painting scores?

Acquired: 126
Painted: 36

I'm only 90 away from breaking even, so that's something. Not something good, but something.

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