Tuesday 30 July 2019

On yer bike!

A quick post, but I know everyone out there is definitely on tenterhooks to see what I've done in the last couple of days. So here you are...

It's a WW1 motorcycle messenger!

This is another model I've had lying around for a long time, that I started painting while I was waiting for the 7TV Pulp box to arrive. It's part of a pack from Great War miniatures that I picked up years ago when I first started VBCW.

Parp parp!
I've deliberately not flocked the base in the hope it'll look like it's on a muddy road. I'm not really sure how well that's worked though, so I might give in and flock it later.


Here are some numbers! You'll notice that one of them has gone up slightly since last time. Huzzah!

Acquired: 126
Painted: 37

I'm only 89 behind now! This is getting close now.