Tuesday 11 February 2020

Getting on with it

We're more than a month into 2020 now. Given that I'm trying, yet again, to paint more models in the year than I acquire, you would expect me to start out by painting a lot and being restrained about gaining new stuff. 

I've not done that. 

Still, I've managed to get off the starting blocks, so let's have a look...

That'll probably buff out

It's a truck! Specifically it's a truck with a big dent in it. This is part of a Walking Dead scenery set that I got thinking it would be useful for post-apocalypse purposes, so it's slightly odd that I'm not using it for that. Instead, this is going to form part of my planned table for this year's Wargames Illustrated 7TV day in July. So will lots of other things, so I really need to get on with it.

Ok then, so I've only painted one model so far. That's ok so long as I didn't get loads of new ones, so it's something of a shame that I've received a few things I've ordered recently, and ended up with 77 models going onto the pile.

Still, it's a start, things can only get better from here, et cetera.

Let's kick off this year's scoreboard then, just for the look of the thing:

Painted: 1
Acquired: 77 

Best get back to it then...


  1. Good stuff.

    Has your table plan changed?

  2. Loving that and a start is a start, just need to keep going.

  3. Nice job. Looking forward to seeing more items getting finished.