Wednesday 10 March 2021

Flames May

EXTERIOR. DAY. The camera tracks across the wasteland, past several burnt out vehicles.

JAMES (V.O.): The last time we were out in the wasteland, we'd been reduced to travelling together in Jezza's Jag, and even then we only made it through because of the timely arrival of Dave from the AA. Nice bloke, Dave.

After hardly any time at all, this became quite tedious. So, at the first opportunity, we scavenged some more vehicles, and set to work modifying them.

Pan to the HEAVILY MODIFIED DEATH TAXI, parked in the wasteland. JAMES stands by it.

JAMES: As you'd expect, I've done things properly. My base vehicle was an LTC TX4. It has a 2.5 litre diesel engine, and a very tight turning circle. It's also spacious enough inside to enable me to carry supplies, ammo, or any extra friends I might make along the way.

JAMES: I've looked to give myself some extra protection with the addition of some scrap metal and timber in strategic locations. 

JAMES: I've got hold of some tools, to sort myself out should I become stuck, or imperilled by zombies. 

JAMES: Most importantly of all, I've managed to build a turret and fit a flamethrower. This might compromise fuel efficiency, but it does have the benefit of enabling me to burn things. 

Right then, let's get out there!

Yep, I'm back on The Grand Top Gear Tour for 7TV Apocalypse - I've been meaning to do more for this for ages, and I have other things planned so I'm sure everyone is excited for that.

Of course, I still have to crack on with my Bolt Action Japanese, so here you go:

These will all be assistants for various HQ units. 

And of course, back to the scores:

Painted: 20
Acquired: 31
Lead Pile Reduction: -11