Thursday 14 March 2024

The Gang's All Here

In the summer of 2012, I wrote this post, apologising for an extended period (over 2 months in fact) with no updates to this blog. It was a silly little piece of creative writing which I quite enjoyed putting together, and I was of course immediately accused of having plagiarised it. Such is life.

Can't think what put that into my head. Please don't check the date of the post before this one.

Anyhoo. I've decided to take this whole affair in a slightly new direction. Rather than rushing to the laptop every time the paint dries on whatever I've been doing most recently (often I didn't even wait that long, you can probably spot a fair bit of wet PVA on old photos of bases if you're the sort of person inclined to look), I'm going to hang on until I have something a little more substantial. 

The uncharitable might point out that in this instance, that appears to have taken me two and a half years. Ignore these naysayers.

So, in recent times, I've been involved in a fair amount of looking backwards - mostly this has been through older versions of Warhammer and 40k, but now it's time to move into the nightmare undercity. It's time to Necro like it's 1995! Or something.

To allow this nostalgia-fest, I've got the Biostrip out, and repainted my original Orlock gang. 

Also a weird clock thing

To the left...

To the right...
Now back left...

This is a contrast paint job, and to tie the gang together I've used some repeating colours:

Skin - Guilliman Flesh

Boots and jackets - Black Templar

Bandanas and Sashes - Gryph-Hound Orange

Weapon casings - Space Wolves Grey

I also decided to do some light converting. For some reason, even though there were four sculpts for juves, and juves used to come in packs of four, 90's Games Workshop decided that what we really needed was two each of two of these sculpts. (It's possible I've misremembered, and none of the foregoing sentence is true. In that case, meh.)

And back right

Since that's quite irritating, especially in a skirmish game where it's important to know exactly who is who, I never used the "spares" back in the day. But I've decided to rectify that, and having rummaged through the equally old spare weapons I had lying around, I now have a juve with a bolt pistol and another with a hand flamer. Both weapons are far too expensive to give to a juve, so that will almost certainly turn out to be an enormous tactical error.

So there you have it. More of this sort of thing to come, either "eventually" or "when I remember again". Keep holding your breath!

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  1. Good to see you back, Matt, and any painting/posting is better than no painting/posting in my books. Love the classic Necromunda stuff too.